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Mike Yat is a Toronto-based real estate broker, entrepreneur and investor. He can usually be found at new construction sales centres working to get clients a piece of the city’s fast-paced growing skyline. To date he and his team have been involved in the sales of over 30 projects amounting in tens of millions in sales.


On September 15 2008 the world lost $2 Trillion dollars caused by the US housing crash.  Although the effects were much milder in Canada, unemployment grew and many sectors were deeply impacted.  To ensure Canada didn’t get dragged into the housing mess, numerous Federal rules surrounding housing were implemented; shorter amortization periods for mortgages, larger down-payment requirements, a stress testto borrowing, rent control, and much much more.  

Ironically this was also the moment Mike decided to start buying real estate…and the rest is history.


Mike holds a Hon. B.A. in Economics & Human Resources from the University of Toronto. While completing his studies he was also a member of the Varsity Blues Soccer Team earning both individual and national team awards. He resides in the GTA with his wife Maya and their dog Ziggy. When he’s not on Peloton rides he’s outdoors, playing soccer, working out and staying healthy.

Mike sits on several charitable and advisory boards and is currently in talks with a big Canadian institution to create a named scholarship.