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Mikes ABCS for Success

By June 11, 2024No Comments

Mikes ABCS for Success

Attitude of Gratitude

It’s a practice I’ve been doing for over a decade.  I try to start my day off grateful for at least 5 things each day.  Some days are harder than others and it can be as simple as being thankful for hot water (especially having travelled and realizing many people in many countries don’t have access to this luxury).  Your health, loved ones, another day and opportunity, your job, etc.  It doesn’t take much but the impact will help you cease the day with more confidence.

Bet on You

We all love the comfort zone.  Strategies like taking a percentage of your earnings to invest in stocks and real estate are the obvious things that come to mind.  Others include learning that new skill, reading that book or attending that conference out of country to network, these are easy to do and not very costly.  Too often our mindset is limited by thoughts of “what if it doesn’t work” or “I don’t have enough skills”.  There’ll never be a perfect climate for you to start, and there’s no guarantee you’ll win either, sorry.  And that’s ok – sometimes you Win, sometimes you Learn!

Choose People Over Money (Security)

Too often, people decide based on short-term gains and lose out on bigger opportunities.  If they’re not rewarded immediately for their efforts it’s hard to see the value.  I worked for 2 years part-time, referring close to 30 deals to another real estate broker before I became licensed.  During that time I didn’t make much money, but what I learned in those years allowed me to shoot up the ranks and in my first 6 months as a licensed agent I earned more than triple what I was earning at my full time job.  Relationships and surrounding yourself around those that will elevate your skills, vision and confidence – that’s how to win the long game.

In the pursuit of your goals it’ll be wise to also expect turbulence.  Not to is naive.  Being grateful is hard when you just get laid off, but perhaps this is the break you’ve needed to learn new skills.  You can bet on yourself and put money in the markets, then it changes and you lose money.  Now you at least know what your appetite for risk is and maybe next time don’t invest so much.  People can betray you and even steal from you, but now you know how to vet relationships better and listen to your intuition more.