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In The Zone Podcast Episode 2

By July 8, 2020September 17th, 2020No Comments

IN THE ZONE Podcast, Episode 2

Michael Yat, Real Estate Investor & Platinum Broker, joins us on our second IN THE ZONE Podcast.

From a very young age, Michael perused all his passions at the highest level. It began with his soccer career, always wanting to be the student & understanding that there was always more to learn; Michael never allowed himself to get complacent. With 3 soccer scholarships in the balance, Mike was thrown a curve ball at the last minute and was forced to make a career-altering decision. This ultimately left him with a emptiness for quite some time after University. Michael knew it was time to pivot and pursue a new identity from Soccer Player to Business Man. In this episode, we learn Michael’s turning point to becoming a Real Estate Mogul. Join us on Episode 2 for the full journey. Enjoy!

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Mike Yat

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